Atex AI Platform

Empower Your Newsroom’s Evolution

Discover how technology can help you in your daily work and embrace the future of journalism.

Atex AI Platform

Empower Your Newsroom’s Evolution

Atex AI Features

From news gathering to news distribution, transform your daily workflow through the conscious use of Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom.

Why choose the Atex AI Platform for your business?

The switch to AI is no longer an option but is necessary. That is why it is good to rely on those who can manage the complete flow, from design to implementation of the various applications. A simple and practical way to innovate your newsroom!

Ready for your newsroom!

We fit in perfectly

The Atex AI Platform can be natively integrated into Atex’s proprietary CMSs: Desk and MyType. However, by exploiting the API it is also possible to integrate individual use cases into your own CMS.

Atex AI and CMS

And we keep everything monitored

At Atex we believe in the importance of transparency. That is why all AI-related consumption will be monitored in a dashboard available to the customer. This will make it easier to understand where to invest more and where you are close to success.

Atex AI Platform Monitored

Partners & Integrations

AI trends for newsrooms

Thanks to our experience in the publishing world, we customize the potential of AI in the news environment for you.


Our approach to AI and LLMs is very broad. We do not have exclusivity with any external partner and this allows us to be free to choose the best one depending on the features. In this way we are able to guarantee the end user the ‘best technology’ available.

The Atex AI Platform was born and is aimed at the world of media and publishing. This does not detract from the fact that some features may also be well suited to other sectors (e.g. translation, grammar check, …).

Since everything is API-based, there is no need to purchase all features together, but they can be purchased individually. Our Sales team will give you all the information!

First of all, ChatGPT does not provide services such as transcription or text-to-audio, but in the case of ‘equal’ services, the main difference lies in the no-prompt concept. Thanks to our API, what you will get is output directly, without having to have technical skills in writing prompts.
Second, ChatGPT is an external tool. By purchasing our API all the technology will be internal to your platform.

Working with Atex AI means not only access to the technology but also benefits such as: having access to a team of expertise that is always available and having a dashboard to monitor consumption and AI results. Not all newsrooms have a team of technical experts in this field at their disposal, so relying on Atex AI’s expertise allows them to overcome this limitation.