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Use case

Smart Tagging

For anyone in the news business, meanwhile, tags are essential. Smart tagging is able to process text and extract key insights from unstructured data, making it easy to perform semantically-boosted text analytics independently of the languages used in the input data. With smart tagging is possibile takes as input a text (or a collection of texts) and ranks the key concepts and entities, as well as domain and sentiment information. Is also possible to evaluate sentiment analysis performed at all levels: whole text, paragraphs, sentences and individual terms, concepts and entities. 

How Smart Tagging can help newsroom?​

  • Improvement of the article tagging system

  • Having more information is also valuable for the positioning of the article also on the SEO side

  • Using sentiment analysis to understand how to optimise your articles

  • Improved user experience

  • Improved workflow in the newsroom