About us

About us

We have experience in working with different platforms, systems, and devices to create products that are compatible and accessible. One of these is the innovative Atex AI Platform. 

We’ve been covering news for some time now

Atex was founded in the USA in 1973 with a vision of creating an electronic composition system for magazines and newspapers. The system was based on a terminal-server paradigm with proprietary hardware and software. Many of America’s major dailies adopted Atex systems and by the mid 80s also the European market followed. For 50 years, Atex has been a leader in creating smart solutions for the media industry.

Atex and Atex AI Platform

And now also intelligent workflow

Atex AI Platform is a technology and innovation laboratory within Atex dedicated to the development of use cases that exploit the different potentialities of Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus on the media and information sector. The platform is part of Atex’s innovation strategy that has seen the creation of a specific skills team on new technologies during the year.

A multi-national, multi-talented team

In particular, the Artificial Intelligence skills team will deal with:

  • Software engineering

  • Prompt engineering

  • Fine-tuning

  • Model testing

  • Integration with different LMMs depending on the use case

  • Transparent integration with third parties

  • Privacy & security guarantee

  • Quality check on outputs

  • Constant monitoring of the use of AI

Atex AI Platform for Journalists